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October 30, 2011

It was such a pretty morning that I decided to wait in the car while Luanne went inside the store to do the grocery shopping. I had a good parking place right up front where I could watch the shoppers come and go, but I was mostly interested in just sitting there with my eyes closed and the windows open, feeling the cool, autumn breeze.
But my reverie was rudely interrupted when two ladies emerged from the store and came with their shopping carts to the car parked just opposite my own. I could have ignored them, but one of them was talking rather loudly, and rather indignantly, about a third party. As they opened the trunk and began to load their groceries, I listened in on their conversation. I must admit, even though I was doing my best to eavesdrop, that I didnt get the entire gist of the ladys argument, but suffice it to say that lady number one was aggrieved.
As they placed the last bag in the trunk, bachelorette number two, who up to this point had not spoken, turned to her friend and said, Well, all I know for sure is this: There aint nothing what happens but that God dont know about it.
Well, this second ladys nod to the omniscience of the Almighty, combined with the slamming of the trunk, seemed to bring some measure of closure for lady number one, and unbeknownst to them, also to me, having surreptitiously insinuated myself into the experience.
Then, they did a terrible thing. They proceeded to roll their respective shopping carts into the empty parking space next to where they were parked, and left them there. I cant begin to tell you how that bothered me. There was a cart return within 20 feet of where they were parked, and there wasnt a cloud in the sky. It would have been easy enough for them to do the right thing, but they didnt.
I had time, as they were oozing their way back to their car, to get out of my own car and give them a piece of my mind. I had time to get out and say, Hey, whats up with this? What would your Mama say? Are you raising your children to act like this? Does your husband know how you behave in public when hes not around to keep you in line? Have you ever seen what a runaway shopping cart can do to a taillight? Have you ever taken a course in ethics? Have you ever heard the term morally irresponsible? Does society have to post rules on the wall for every little thing in life? And, do you even care that I had to get out of my car to tell you all of this?
I wasnt going to tell them that the exercise might do them some good, because that would have been politically incorrect. However, I was going to tell them all that other stuff.
But, I didnt do that. I didnt do that because I was afraid Luanne would come out of the store and catch me, and I would have to listen to that speech again about embarrassing the family. And since we are down to being a family of two these days, I always know who shes really talking about.
So, I decided to let them pour themselves back in their car and slither merrily away, and I would just stay right there where I was and reflect on the smartest and best thing I had heard all morning: There aint nothing what happens but that God dont know about it.
And Ill see you Sunday.