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December 11, 2011

Becky Moon has shared a beautiful story with me, and I have asked that she share it with you:

Recently, Chuck and I went on a cruise to trace the footsteps of Paul. That was quite a lofty goal for a one legged man and his wife, but the reservations were made long before Chuck lost his leg, and the guys at the prosthetic place assured us he would be walking just fine by November. So, off we went.
The best part of our travels is always the people we meet. Whether it is a mission trip or a trip to the lands of the Bible, the people weve traveled with are delightful. This trip was by far the most amazing. How it happened that two lone travelers from Georgia ended up with a whole group of strangers from Christ Church UMC in Fairfax, Virginia, can only be described as a God Thing. Dont you just love how God works?
When Chuck lost his leg back in February, we looked at each other and said, Where is the ministry in this? Well, it came. Chuck has had the opportunity to talk to men facing the loss of their leg, and I have been able to share my experience of it with other caretakers. Jesus just always supplies a way to share Him.
This trip offered another whole dimension to what I have begun to think of as The Ministry of the Lost Leg. But, this time the tables were turned, as Jesus guided a bunch of guys to serve us. Had it not been for that lost leg, we would never have known the depth of compassion and caring offered by a group of strangers. We discovered that as our personal faith was waning at the task before us, God provided those whose faith upheld us until we could rejoice in a new-found faith of our own. We never asked for help we never had to. Jeff, Ron, Gary and Bob were beside, in front of, and behind Chuck gifting this big guy with the ability to fully experience the footsteps of Paul. As those who surely ministered to Paul on his journey, these men lived out the scripture right where it was written 2000 years ago.
Chuck was asked to do the talk for our group in Corinth. It was a difficult trek through the rubble of ancient ruins before he arrived at a broken column under the shade of a big tree. He sat down to preach - right where Paul had preached, and his opening words were, Good morning, Church! There we were, 5000 miles from home, still the Church, being the Church. Friends and strangers gathered together to worship God, remember Paul, and serve one another as Jesus instructed us to do.
For Christ Church, the words of Jesus, Well done, thou good and faithful servant, were well earned. They were the Church in action, unselfishly serving us and one of their own in a wheelchair.
As for us, we will go wherever The Ministry of the Lost Leg takes us, to minister and to be ministered to. Our continuing goal is to be servants who are served, living out the scriptures one day at a time. Thanks be to God.
- Becky Moon