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March 18, 2012

The plaster of Paris plaque on the wall of my boyhood home said that Prayer Changes Things, but theres just not that much that needs changing when youre a little boy.
But we little boys and girls have a way of growing up, and when we do we often find ourselves in situations that cause us to cry out for mercy, to beg for deliverance, to covet sweet release. It is then that we hope with all our heart that our faith journey is based on more than buzz words and slogans. It is then that we long for unimpeachable evidence that Jesus has the power to untwist the knots and untangle the mess that we have made of things.
So, we pray, and we ask others to pray for us, and sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly we come to understand that prayer changes something far greater than things it changes you, and it changes me. I live my life as a walking, talking miracle today because God stepped into the unfortunate world of my own creation and made clear to me what an experienced Creator can do!
Folks prayed for me, and the end result was that Jesus came and made me whole! Prayer is the most powerful tool we have in the drawer, but that is regrettably where we often tend to leave it.
Something happens and we say, I really need to pray about that, be then we dont.
Something breaks down in our personal life, and we know we should pray about it, but then we decide maybe it will just get better on its own. But we know it wont, and it never does.
We long for broken relationships to be mended, and we know that by the power of prayer God will give us the solutions we need, but we just dont do it. Its almost like were embarrassed to bother God with such things, and all the while God is wondering where we are.
Do you have something you know you need to be praying about? Have you decided you are going to pray about it when you get some time? Do you intend to pray about it tonight? Maybe youve decided to pray about it when you get to church on Sunday,
But, how about now? How about right now? Why dont you pray about it now? Standing there at the mailbox, or there at the kitchen counter, or maybe youve made it out to the workshop, or youve wandered into the laundry room wherever you are, pray about it NOW. Pray about it right NOW.
Ill wait.

Did you fill up the space? Did you say the prayer you have been meaning to say?
Ive left the space open, so you still have a chance.
And, here is my promise: When you say the prayer, you will immediately feel God working on the problem. If you havent said the prayer yet, what are you waiting for? Give God the chance to make it work for you. Do it NOW.
Trust me. I used to know this little boy who would tell you that prayer changes things.
And Ill see you Sunday.