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May 13, 2012

I have been busily purchasing books for Kelly and Aarons new baby. That may be very foolish of me, as a new baby probably arrives with her own Kindle these days. I try to keep up with the wonders of our modern age, but its not easy.
Still, Kelly and Aaron are not particularly exciting people, so Im thinking the baby will need some form of entertainment to occupy her quiet time, and reading is always a good idea.
So, I started out with Babys First Book of Words. She will need to know words like, hungry, food, and hurry.
I also purchased Babys First Book of Numbers. I plan to teach her to say, Im number one around here, and dont you forget it!
Next I picked up Babys First Book of Colors. Apples are red. Trees are green. The sky is blue. The baby is brilliant. Brilliant isnt a color, but I couldnt find Babys First Book of Hues.
I also found Babys First Book of Animal Homes. That is not a childrens version of John Belushis Animal House, but is a picture book full of nests, hutches, caves, burrows and shells. I will teach her that living in a shell is not a good idea. I will teach her that it is difficult to be aggressive and demanding within the confines of a shell.
There was another book I almost picked up about a chameleon that couldnt get his color quite right, but I thought it best not to confuse her right away with the sometimes strangely confusing nuances of life. I figured we would start out with the basics and let her take it from there. I dont want her parents to blame me should she ever step outside the bounds of basic convention. Not to say that she ever will, of course.
Many of you know that Kelly has had some difficulty with her pregnancy, but things are good now, and we are all simply waiting expectantly, of course.
Thank you for your prayers offered while Kelly was going through the difficult time. I ask that you continue to pray for her and Aaron as they take on the task of parenting. I will do all that I can to make it difficult for them when the baby gets here, so they will continue to covet your prayers.
Luanne keeps her car filled with gas, and is ready to make her way to Atlanta when the time draws near.
Ill go up a little later. Im still looking for a copy of a book that has a title like You are So Lucky That I Chose to Come Live With You. If I cant find one, I plan to sit down with her when she is about 2, and we will write the book together. I cant wait.
Thank you again for your prayers.
And, Ill see you Sunday.