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April 3, 2011

Seeking refuge from the storm in the waning hours of Saturday night, he surreptitiously stole into the shallows of the church basement, there to sleep. That was his first mistake.
Methodists worship on Sunday morning, but he knew little of worship, preferring just to sleep. My guess would be that he had never entered a church in his life.
One of our church members went to check the fuse box that morning, and spotted the intruder there, but no words were exchanged. He looked so terribly unlikeable that our church member simply walked away.
He was hiding right beneath the organ, so I am sure he heard all the elements of worship the singing, the praying, the preaching but none of this inspired him to enter in among us.
That same church member went to see if he was still there after our worship services ended for the day, but he seemed to have left. Somehow I didnt believe that it was conviction that drove him away.
However, he was back on Monday morning, and Lydia, our secretary, called the authorities to come remove him from the premises. We do not pay our secretaries well enough for them to have to deal with things like that. Again, though, when the people with the badges arrived he was nowhere to be found.
Sometimes its hard to know what to do in the life of the Church. In most cases we bend over backward to be benevolent. Most often we give until there is little more to give. That is the nature of the Church, and it is by extension the nature of the people who work for and who populate the Church.
But there are those times when we feel like we are being used and put upon, and this felt like one of those times. It is hard for me to admit that I went along with setting a trap for this guy, but honesty compels me to admit that I did.
Once he had fallen into our lair, we summoned the authorities again, and an officer came by and carried him away.
Before he left, though, our soft-hearted Lydia fed our captive a good meal of bread and fruit, leftovers from our Wednesday night supper, and asked the officer not to have him locked up.
The officer acquiesced, and promised to simply escort him to the outskirts of town, and release him, thereby lending something of an Old West flavor to the whole affair. He said he didnt think the varmint would bother us anymore.
I hope it works out that way, but just in case it does not, we have included a photo of our obdurate guest on page two of this mailing. If you see him hanging around, give the office a call. Enough is enough.

And Ill see you Sunday.


opossum1 | Minister's MusingsThis is the intruder that Gary is referring to.
I am happy to report that our opossum was released at Phinizy Swamp on Thursday last week. The animal services officer said that since he had a full belly he was very docile, and when released, went happily on his way with no incident.